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Loosing weight for some can be a difficult ordeal when it involves eternally depriving oneself of a hearty meal. unlike other calorie restriction programs, periodic fasting allows the individual a feasting period following an initial period during which the individualis required to undergo abstenance from food. It has been shown in humans and animals that there is no significant increase in weight after a period of feasting on even fatty foods when it is preceded by a fasting period 

The mechanism of weight management through periodic fasting is thought to be in part due to the increased sensitivity to insulin. Following the fasting period the cells tend to respond more readily to insulin and take up glucose more effectively. Furthermore fasting is also associated with cleansing of the body allowing old substances to be fully absorbed during the period of fasting such that when followed by feasting, the body absorbs and makes use of food nutrients more efficiently. 

While a drastic switch to zero food consumption over sustained period is not feasible nor is it ideal, a systematic induction is usually included in a fasting program allowing the person's body to adjust to the process with ease. A fasting program also usually involves some preliminary checks such as body mass index in order to recommend the most suitable program for the individual. Similarly the feasting process should also be well monitored to prevent excessive practice.  

The periodic fasting has been embraced by many seeking a means to control obessity due to the fact that it allows for feasting period. People are more likely to stick to this form of sliming down program as it still allows them the pleasures of a good feast which makes the process more endurable.


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