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Diabetes is a condition which is fast gaining undesired popularity in the developed and developing countries. It is mostly recognized as the body's inability to regulate it's level of sugar thereby leading to fluctuations in the sugar levels and other health complications. This could be as a result of the pancreas being unable to produce sufficient insulin or the cells in the body becoming unresponsive to the insulin being produced. Fasting has been recognized as a possible means to manage diabetes effectively. 

Through fasting the sensitivity of the body cells to insulin can be increased. Studies supporting this shows that the insulin level of very healthy people who have lived many years is usually very low, indicating an increased sensitivity to insulin such that they require less insulin to regulate their sugar levels. Furthermore, the use of drugs and insulin to control diabetes can be expensive for many and some people have been known to react adversely to certain  types of diabetjc drugs and insulin in the long term. An effective alternative to drug based diabetes treatment is therefore eminent. 

Where diabetes is not genetic, its onset can be promoted by an over-worked digestive system. Indeed this could lead to the onset of other conditions as well. Intermittent fasting gives the body organs such as the pancreas periods to rest. This rest periods is important as it allows time for cells of the body to be replenished. This could in turn help revive the normal response to insulin. Fasting also eases the body from the burden of constantly processing sugar and other foods. 

There are various reports of treatment of diabetes without the use of drugs in different parts of the world. While an unsupervised fasting process could result in some severe side effects as it is not advisable to attempt to manage diabetes without consulting a professional, a well planned strategic fasting program tailored for diabetic patients could effectively be used in the treatment of diabetes.


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