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Life extension and
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the most powerful
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natural anti-aging method

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About us:
Our main objective was to develop highly efficient methods of human life extension. These methods are based on theoretical and practical research in gerontology and related sciences, data which has been accumulated over the past 80 years. Here on this website we present anti-aging "Cyclic Fasting" method (CF method). This method reduces the effects of aging and the development of almost all age-related diseases.  The creator of the method and scientific director of the Anti-Aging Center Europe is Dr. Arcady Economo, Ph.D., Pharm.D. 
Follow the CF method and see changes as dramatic as these:
---  Significantly reduce the effects of aging
---  Unparalleled youthful preservation of mental and physical functions as well as appearance 
---  Substantially reduce the risks of all age related diseases, including heart disease, cancer, diabetes, autoimmune disorders, osteoporosis, and neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's.
CF treatments can considerably extend human lifespan. Our goal is to guide you through the scientific evidence described in detail below.
About Dr. Arcady Economo and his method (short history)
Dr. Economo earned his master's degree in Chemisty from Moscow State University in the former Soviet Union. After graduating, Dr. A. Economo began working at the Institute of Pharmacology in Moscow. At that time, his research focused on the pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics of various psychotropic drugs. Dr. A. Economo was one of the inventors of the original benzodiazepine tranquilizer “phenazepam” (this drug became very popular in the USSR and later in Russia became drug N1 in psychaiatry. In 1982, Dr. A. Economo earned his Ph.D. in biology and pharmacology.
Arcady Economo started his gerontological research during the first years of studying at Moscow University. He did not dabble superficially in many aspects of this science, but spent all his energy studying a very narrow part of gerontology – mortality statistics and demography. He analyzed different aspects of mortality and disease statistics in populations of different countries around the world. He found and confirmed a number of irregularities; in particular he showed on a wide statistical basis that aging is not a linear, but an exponential process. That means that the probability of death grows geometrically and doubles every 7-8 years. This leads to a 100 percent probability of death at the age of about 120 years. Using mathematical models it was proved that almost all types of animals and human beings age in the same manner from a statistical point-of-view. Age related mortality growth and mechanisms of aging seem to be the same in all living systems.
Dr. A. Economo (known at that time under his family name (known in Russia as Arkady Lvovich Ekonomov) published a series of scientific papers about psychotropic drugs and later about mortality statistics. See his scientific publications at  Search for “Ekonomov AL”.
In the late 1980s and in the early 1990s Dr. A. Economo decided to turn his attention solely to gerontology. He began analyze one of the strongest anti-aging effects known at that time – calorie restriction. This calorie restriction paradigm later gave rise to “Anti-Aging Cyclic Fasting” (CF) method. 
In the beginning of the 2000s, the “Anti-Aging Center” started issuing a popular health magazine called “Natural Elixir” (in English) or “Натуральный Эликсир” (in Russian). Different anti-aging aspects were discussed in this magazine. Finally, in connection with the fast development of the Internet, printed versions were replaced by a network of websites. Some examples of those that were started by the Anti-Aging Center are listed here:
Several years after collapse of Soviet Union Dr. A. Economo emigrated to Hungary and established a company in Budapest, called the “Anti-Aging Center”, that was the successor to Moscow's Anti-Aging Group.  The Anti-Aging Center in Budapest started to work at full speed in the early 2000s, adapting more and more on the practical aspects of gerontology rather than the theoretical. The fact that Budapest lies on top of natural thermal springs that burst from underneath the ground, offers great therapeutic advantages and is a unique contribution to the success of the programs conducted by the Anti-Aging Center. It aids the anti-aging therapy, improvement of health conditions, general wellbeing and rehabilitation of the clients. Almost all patients visit these spa baths in Budapest during the course of their anti-aging nutritional program.
We have used the CF method in hundreds of patients from all over the world. The vast majority of our clients health improved dramatically after using our CF treatment.  
CF life extending method was presented in 2007 by Dr. Arcady Economo in London, UK in the annual “Anti-Aging Conference” in the Royal Society of Medicine of London, where he received wide recognition among gerontologists.  
At present we provide anti-aging programs in Hungary, Croatia and Cyprus.


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