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Life extension and
disease treatment through
periodic fasting and
caloric restriction -
the most powerful
scientifically proven
natural anti-aging method

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BMI Categories:
Underweight = <18.5
Normal weight = 18.5-24.9
Overweight = 25-29.9
Obesity = BMI of 30 or greater

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Budget program. Prices. 

Please note: Our anti-aging programs are always tailored to meet individual needs.  
No groups! We do not gather groups and treat them in bulk like many other fasting retreats tend to do, which is obviously unprofessional. We take our client's particular diseases, condition and needs into account and develop a personally-tailored program to achieve the client's specific goals. Each person reacts differently to fasting and must therefore be supervised accordingly. Prices include cost of accommodation in comforatble apartment plus cost of the water-fasting, caloric restriction program with refeeding. Below the are approximate prices for 1, 2, 3 and 4 weeks program, but you can choose any length of the program from minimum 5 days to 2 months.
* In January-March we offer special 10% discount (valid only in Hungary).
In July-August prices may be 15-30% higher.

1 week:  
  1300 EUR - in Hungary (Budapest) *
  2500 EUR - in Cyprus   (Ayia Napa)
  2500 EUR - in Croatia   (Opatija or Makarska)

2 weeks: 
  2000 EUR - in Hungary *
  3500 EUR - in Cyprus 
  3500 EUR - in Croatia

3 weeks: 
  2500 EUR - in Hungary *
  4000 EUR - in Cyprus
  4000 EUR - in Croatia

4 weeks:
  3500 EUR - in Hungary *
  5000 EUR - in Cyprus 
  5000 EUR - in Croatia
Payment methods:

We DO ACCEPT your payment 
by bank wire transfer or
by check or
by Western Union 
or by MoneyGram
or by cash.

Unfortunetelly we DO NOT accept credit cards.

Under normal circumstances we do not provide group counselling or group treatment in our anti-aging programs. Since we mostly work with individual clients, we can easily adapt to any particular personal timetable or schedule and can start a program on any date convenient to the client. In some cases however (e.g. family members or friends arrive to the program), we may admit couples or max. 4 people into a program simultaneously. Returning "fasters" receive a 15% discount.

DISCOUNTS under the BUDGET PROGRAM for TWO people:

We are offering a 10% discount (off the total price) if 2, 3 or 4 people enroll in the program together but choose not to share accommodation.

We are offering a 20% discount
(off the total price) if 2, 3 or 4 people enroll in the program and live in shared accommodation (max. 2 people in one room).

What activities and procedures are included in Budget program?

--Meeting at the airport and transfer by car to the apartment.
--Accommodation in "Wellness apartment".
Providing special equipment necessary during the program: body scale, thermometer, blood pressure monitor, glucose meter, ketone bodies strips, some fitness equipment, electric  massager, Jacuzzi bath (depends on accommodation).
--Bottled alkaline and non-alkaline mineral water, herbal teas, organic instant coffee, natural sugar substitutes for the whole period.
--Initial medical examination by internist and checking EKG with cardiologist.
--Personal advices for save fasting, anti-aging methods, healthy nutrition and youthful lifestyle.

--Measuring weight, body temperature, blood sugar, ketone bodies during fasting period every day.
--First time accompanying to Margaret Island (famous Budapest city park).
--First time accompanying to fitness center, yoga studio or GYM, what are you prefer.
--First time accompanying to massage (1 sessions massage 60 min. is free).
--First time accompanying to colon hydrotherapy (optionally).
--Visiting famous Budapest thermal spas (1 session is free).
Planning and recommendations: what and where to eat in re-feeding period. We will afford 2-3 days of your re-feeding for free. After re-feeding period you may prepare meals yourself under our supervision in your apartment or eat out at your discretion. 
--Recommendations for post program diet regime.
--Educational program in food supermarket.

--Transfer to the airport after completing of the program.

Intake of special anti-aging drugs and supplements may be included in the program (not all of them for free).

Other procedures are available for additional cost:

Lab tests (cholesterol, glucose etc.)
Ultrasound scan
Bone densitometria (DEXA)
CT scanning
FibroScan test of liver
Ergometry with stress spirometry
Blood pressure monitor for 24 hours
Cardio ECHO

Beauty treatments:
Foot massage
Hot towel back massage
Head and Face massage
Wine cream massage
Shiatsu massage
Anti-Cellulite treatment
Wellness Mud Pack
Salt Cave
Body scrub with salt and fruit brandy
Underwater Jet Massage
Manual Lymph Drainage
Magnetic Therapy
and many others up to your desire.

Our philosophy:
Today, the world unquestionably begins a new epoch – an epoch of the postmodern, an epoch of revolutionary scientific  breakthroughs. This is the century of information technology and nano-technology. Time is being squeezed and accelerated at the same time. People become more and more transient, independent, atomized. Modern humans travel a lot and don’t want to live and work in one place for too long – they want to see more places and experience as much as possible. As the Internet appeared and has been spreading throughout the world, people are ready and able to work on-line from any place of the world as long as they have a laptop in their hands.

We have taken into account this new lifestyle and it is one of the distinctive characteristics of our method – mobility and  geographical flexibility. Our "Anti-Aging Суclic Fasting" programs are not planted forever in one place. We are not a brick and mortar clinic or hotel as other retreats are. Now, our guests are not obliged to stick to one geographic location or stay in an expensive hospital, clinic, holiday hotel or retreat and spend all their time in one place. We do not need a clinic with a lot of personnel and expensive equipment. We encourage relatively healthy people, often middle aged or young people who want to change their unhealthy lifestyle to join, get cleaned of contaminants in their body and start a new life without diseases and untimely aging. Clients who apply our method do not spend 24 hours in a confined facility, but they live freely as average tourists on holiday - in hotels or apartments depending on their desires or financial abilities.

To make this program, based on the "Anti-Aging Cyclic Fasting" method, a reality in a chosen destination, we needed only a few necessary things: to have at hand one or two highly-qualified, open-minded medical doctors with a standard, local medical university degree, a nutritionist, a trained masseur, a psychologist or assistant with an optimistic view on life, and finally a good cook who can prepare tasty anti-aging dishes made strictly to our specifications.

Concerning the geographical destinations of the programs – this is up to our guests. We are prepared to offer a variety of options. Our only requirements are that the place is beautiful, comfortable, safe and able to save patients from too much stress and complication. Our company “Anti-Aging Center Europe” intends to expand the geographical area of its anti-aging programs. We can not be content at just one place in the fast paced XXI century. Also, it is possible to implement our method through Internet consulting, but this can be done only after fulfilling at least one program session in one of our resorts.

Patients who are on medications that require medical supervision or who have complex medical conditions will be charged additional medical management fees. The amount of such fees will depend on the individual circumstances. 


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