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Program basics. The method of therapeutic fasting in details

Therapeutic fasting method includes full abstention from taking food and a complex of cleaning and physio-therapeutic treatments carried out simultaneously (enemas, baths, douches) and the special re-feeding nutritional program. There are three basic periods of fasting therapy:

  • Preparation period,
  • Fasting period,
  • Re-feeding period.

In preparation period a complex examination of patients is carried out in order to specify indications and contraindications to fasting (see below). If necessary, the consultations of specialists are prescribed (oculist, gynecologist, dentist, etc), treatment of hotbeds of chronic infection is carried out (odontogenic, tonsiloginic, etc.).

The method of fasting for many of patients seems unusual. That is why the practical usage of the method needs special individual and collective preparation to this sort of treatment. To the beginning of treatment they have to obtain certain minimum knowledge about «fasting for health sake», it is necessary to let them know in a simple way what the method is about, regimen of treatment, they should be taught to cleaning treatment and so on. The patients have to wish to use fasting as a therapeutic method of treatment. That means important guarantee of regimen of treatment maintenance. 

Fasting therapy 
Fasting and "re-feeding" afterwards are supervised by experienced fasting experts and medical practitioners and are supplemented by accompanying therapies. In details the fasting method is presented here:
Fasting practice: step by step principal.

Very  Low Calorie Dieting (VLCD) or Low-Calorie Dieting (LCD) 
As an alternative to fasting we offer VLCD (300-500 kcall/day) and LCD (600-1000 kcal/day regimen, with individually tailored anti-aging nutritional supplementation.
Anti-Aging Drugs and Supplements  
An individually-tailored anti-aging supplementation program will be offered (vitamins, anti-oxidants, minerals, herbal extracts etc.).

Educational and sightseeing programs  
A program of presentations on relevant topics will be available. At your request we can organise excursions (visit to beautiful or historical places in Croatia and Hungary).

Long term post-program supervision  
Sometimes our clients loose 5-15 kg (10 – 30 pounds) while on the program, but after returning home neglect to follow our recommendations and gain weight again. That is why we strongly suggest that our clients stay in touch with us. We are conducting FREE post-program supervision and consultation (by e-mail, chart or telephone). And we strongly recommend our patients to perform our program regularly (one - two times per year). It would be better if you will find time and come to our program again and aging. As you come back home we strongly advise you to follow our Anti-Aging Cyclic Fasting method forever.

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