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Metabolic syndrome can be prevented and treated by fasting and caloric restriction. Clinical evidence:

Effects of alternate fasting or very low calorie diet and low calorie diet on metabolic syndrome in severely obese patients.
Tančić-Gajić M1, Vujović S, Vukčević M, Ivović M, Drezgić M, Marina L, Stojanović M, Arizanović Z, Nenezić A, Micić D.
Hippokratia. 2012 Oct;16(4):335-41.
Weight loss improves the metabolic syndrome (MetS) features and related clinical abnormalities in obese subjects. The aim of this study was to assess the effects of a non-surgical therapeutic program on the MetS in severely obese patients.
Sixty-four extremely obese patients were involved in the therapeutic program, which consisted of two alternating phases: the three-week therapeutic fasting or semi-fasting in hospital conditions and the low calorie diet with dosed physical activity in outpatient conditions. At the baseline we measured: anthropometric parameters, blood pressure and lipid profile. Subjects underwent an oral glucose tolerance test and insulin resistance/sensitivity was evaluated by the homeostasis model assessment and the oral glucose insulin sensitivity. After weight reduction by at least 10%, all mentioned assessments were repeated.
None of the patients had significant adverse effects. Forty-one patients aged 43.0±11.5 years completed the study. The mean weight loss was 27 kg or 18% of the initial weight (p<0.01), which was followed by a significant decrease of the insulin resistance, the overall prevalence of MetS (32%) and all MetS parameters, without the significant change in high-density lipoprotein. This weight loss pogram substantially improves the MetS in extremely obese patients.
The tailored alternating either fasting or semi- fasting should be considered as an optional approach to manage extreme obesity and related metabolic abnormality.
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