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Health News

Science of fasting

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Periodic fasting and CR prevent aging and rejuvenate the body

Although major research efforts have focused on how specific components of foodstuffs affect health, relatively little is known about a more fundamental aspect of diet, the frequency and circadian timing of meals, and potential benefits of intermittent periods with no or very low energy intakes. The most common eating pattern in modern societies, three meals plus snacks every day, is abnormal from an evolutionary perspective. » See More

High-protein diet in middle age poses serious health risk

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Treatment of Obesity through fasting

Loosing weight for some can be a difficult ordeal when it involves eternally depriving oneself of a hearty meal. unlike other calorie restriction programs, periodic fasting allows the individual a feasting period following an initial period during which the individualis required to undergo abstenance from food. It has been shown in humans and animals that there is no significant increase in weight after a period of feasting on even fatty foods when it is preceded by a fasting period.

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Management of Diabetes Through Intermittent Fasting

Diabetes is a condition which is fast gaining undesired popularity in the developed and developing countries. It is mostly recognized as the body's inability to regulate it's level of sugar thereby leading to fluctuations in the sugar levels and other health complications. This could be as a result of the pancreas being unable to produce sufficient insulin or the cells in the body becoming unresponsive to the insulin being produced. Fasting has been recognized as a possible means to manage diabetes effectively.


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Longevity Gene: Another scientific step towards longer lives

A new scientific study done in the University of California, Berkeley, gives a broader understanding of the molecular mechanisms behind aging. It provides new hope for the development of targeted treatments for age-related degenerative diseases.» See More

Cholesterol Lowering Drug Statin Can Extend Lives of Cancer Patients

Cholesterol Lowering Drug Statin Can Extend Lives of Cancer Patients

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Fasting cycles retard growth of tumors

Short-term starvation (or fasting) protects normal cells, mice, and potentially humans from the harmful side effects of a variety of chemotherapy drugs. Here, we show that treatment with starvation conditions sensitized yeast cells (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) expressing the oncogene-like RAS2(val19) to oxidative stress and 15 of 17 mammalian cancer cell lines to chemotherapeutic agents. Cycles of starvation were as effective as chemotherapeutic agents in delaying progression of different tumors and increased the effectiveness of these drugs against melanoma, glioma, and breast cancer cells. In mouse models of neuroblastoma, fasting cycles plus chemotherapy drugs--but not either treatment alone--resulted in long-term cancer-free survival. In 4T1 breast cancer cells, short-term starvation resulted in increased phosphorylation of the stress-sensitizing Akt and S6 kinases, increased oxidative stress, caspase-3 cleavage, DNA damage, and apoptosis. These studies suggest that multiple cycles of fasting promote differential stress sensitization in a wide range of tumors and could potentially replace or augment the efficacy of certain chemotherapy drugs in the treatment of various cancers.

Source: Sci Transl Med. 2012 Mar 7;4(124):124ra27. Epub 2012 Feb 8., Lee C, Raffaghello L, Brandhorst S, Safdie FM, Bianchi G, Martin-Montalvo A, Pistoia V, Wei M, Hwang S, Merlino A, Emionite L, de Cabo R, Longo VD. SourceAndrus Gerontology Center, Department of Biological Sciences, Norris Cancer Center, University of Southern California, USA.

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Intermittent Fasting for Prevention Obesity and Diabetes by

It turns out that when we eat may be as important as what we eat. Scientists at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies have found that regular eating times and extending the daily fasting period may override the adverse health effects of a high-fat diet and prevent obesity, diabetes and liver disease in mice.
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New compound in red wine (piceatannol) staves off obesity

A compound present in grapes and other fruits could potentially stave off obesity by blocking the development of fat cells.Kee-Hong Kim, assistant professor of food science at Purdue University, and Jung Yeon Kwon, a graduate student, reported that this compound piceatannol blocks an immature fat cell’s ability to develop and grow.While similar in structure to resveratrol - the compound in red wine, grapes and peanuts that is believed to combat cancer, heart disease and neurodegenerative diseases - piceatannol might be an important weapon against obesity, the Journal of Biological Chemistry reports. Resveratrol is converted to piceatannol in humans after consumption, said Kim, according to a Purdue university statement.“Piceatannol actually alters the timing of gene expressions, gene functions and insulin action during adipogenesis, the process in which early stage fat cells become mature fat cells,” Kim said.“In the presence of piceatannol, you can see delay or complete inhibition of adipogenesis,” said Kim. Over a period of 10 days or more, immature fat cells, called preadipocytes, go through several stages to become mature fat cells, or adipocytes.

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